how bad does this make me?????

zordy 4/21/2017 11:04:48 AM
like 2 years ago i got fired from a company that i had been working at for a couple years. the reason i got fired was because some dude there who didnt like me (i was banging the girl he was into)--lied to management and told them i had been stealing shit from the shop. they literally had ZERO proof i did anything wrong other than the word of this guy who had been at the company for like 15 years, so 'why would he lie about it?' so anyways, i basically got fired over some complete bullshit

today tho i found out they are going out of business and im thinking about calling and asking for that guy (who i know still works there)--and then laughing directly into his earhole over the phone about how i make twice as much money as him now and hes unemployed????am i evil????
zordy 4/21/2017 11:13:41 AM