everyone from california is a pssy

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kort 1/10/2017 4:12:21 PM
yeah man, everything was really 'awesome' and 'radical' until you dented my whip you stoner dweeb
wwjd 1/10/2017 4:20:54 PM
Woah woah woah

You hush your mush mr
bulletsofdusk 1/10/2017 4:21:30 PM
You can't see shit there without Marlon Brando's eyes, so how would you know?
bulletsofdusk 1/10/2017 4:22:09 PM
A emberekben csillagót menterszak csend kömegföltom.
portslob 1/10/2017 4:25:24 PM
California is gay as shit
TinFINS 1/10/2017 4:25:39 PM
well i never!
chicken_gang_bang 1/10/2017 7:01:21 PM
California fcking sucks
cervical_lancer 1/10/2017 7:21:16 PM
never been. have wanted to check it out since search for the animal chin.
themoustachemassacre 1/10/2017 7:22:12 PM
I live here and it sucks and everyone is a pssy.
cervical_lancer 1/10/2017 7:26:35 PM
like, just a hole?
Rick____tocchet 1/10/2017 8:43:53 PM
I cant wait til a massive earthquake comes by and breaks off that shitheap of a state out into the abyss. California makes new jersey look like beverly hills.
willy_wanker 1/10/2017 8:51:17 PM
but beverly hills is in california
TinFINS 1/10/2017 8:53:36 PM
i can't wait to get away from the rest of you idiots >:(
carveyournamein 1/10/2017 8:57:45 PM
If only there were a way for you to log out and never come back
Rick____tocchet 1/10/2017 10:12:55 PM
I know, willy.
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