Im ahooning

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XSHAT_CREWX 1/1/2017 7:57:55 AM
And i dont know why

So so drunk

Mostly missing shannon

I should be crying over my kid

Cant believe it happened again

Surrounded by cans

If anyone rings that doorbell

Hollowpoint bbs and machete
carveyournamein 1/1/2017 8:08:18 AM
But what if they knock?
XSHAT_CREWX 1/1/2017 8:14:54 AM
Ive met some big players in the drug game ever since i got into meth my roomie is paranoid as fck and taught me how to boost everything

The only downside is hes too nuts

The other day i popped my seroquel and went to pass out he comes in all bloody and takes my closet door off the hinges and falls on me with it

What the fck

I shit you not
carveyournamein 1/1/2017 8:15:56 AM
XSHAT_CREWX 1/1/2017 8:17:51 AM
Im surprised he hasnt boarded up the windows

The other day we went out to beat someones ass to get a gun back that he loaned out we couldnt find the guy

My life is a fcking mess

I need to change this shit
withdeadhandsrising 1/1/2017 11:11:26 AM
shut the fck up
kort 2/8/2017 9:23:34 PM
deadwithfear 2/8/2017 9:31:10 PM
Jesus. How did I miss this?
KlDCADAVER 2/8/2017 9:31:12 PM
you should get a gun
celine 2/8/2017 10:54:09 PM
...hollow...point.... bb's?

Lol, come on man.
withdeadhandsrising 2/8/2017 11:07:49 PM
slow down wade, shat's got heaters for haters all day
celine 2/8/2017 11:13:44 PM
chicken_gang_bang 2/8/2017 11:52:02 PM
In the world of gangster rappers shat is a lil romeo
totalpandemonium 2/9/2017 11:42:44 AM
Keep fighting the good fight, Shatty
celine 2/9/2017 11:49:49 AM
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