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atlas 1 day ago


atlas 5 days ago

Please only sirious replies.

atlas 9 days ago


atlas 9 days ago

Am I responding to a gimmick thread?

atlas 9 days ago

Souls at Zero is the third studio album from California based post-metal band Neurosis. The album was released in 1992 under the Alternative Tentacles record label

You fcking dunce.

atlas 9 days ago



atlas 16 days ago

ya'll bitch made cheddar biscuits don't know a Cadillac post when you see it. My shit is Lexus turnt up.

atlas 16 days ago

I'm a grown ass man. You think I play them cartoon pixel games?

atlas 17 days ago

but how do chinese ppl eat soup w/ chopstiks?

atlas 18 days ago

why are they called fannypacks if they wrap around your lower back and stomach?

atlas 18 days ago

bulletsofdusk is his new username? that is just.. too much. i'm glad i decided to actually lurk today. oh, trind. you aspergers ridden goofball. i love you.

atlas 20 days ago

It's me, Ras Atlas.

atlas 47 days ago

you keep calling me, dumbass. get a second phone.

atlas 47 days ago

this track was expected. it's awesome and all but it's been heard live for a few year now. very anxious to hear more off the album. i have a good feeling about it.

atlas 48 days ago

I say "why the fck is this the only valid soundless picture sequence file accepted by the majority of the interwebs"

atlas 51 days ago

lol. Probably all of them! Dweebs!!!

atlas 51 days ago

Lager is boring to me these days. I work in the corporate office for a company that has one restaurant/bar entity that has 112 beers on tap (only 3 of these exist at the moment) and another one of our growing places has as many as they can legally obtain canned craft beers at any given time. There are good lagers but for bang for your buck, there is always something better. If you don't like the bitterness of overly hoppy ales or the pungent wheats, there are plenty of other options. When it comes down to it getting a 10-12 dollar six pack of 8-11 abv beer it just as cost effective as getting your average lager (which usually is made of adjunct bullshit).

atlas 52 days ago

As an alcoholic I can tell you that chasing it with water is superior in the fact that it nullifies the burn quicker and it keeps you from getting so hungover.

atlas 56 days ago



atlas 56 days ago

you said Atari Lynx wrong, friend-a-bro.

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