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No Victory 'Illusions Of Temptation' song premiere

7/8/2016 8:53:47 AM

Gary, Indiana hardcore band No Victory stream a track from their upcoming album.
No Victory

With two demos under their belt, Indiana hardcore band No Victory has now taken a significant step forward by signing with Unbeaten Records (Left Behind) for the release of their debut album. Produced by Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose, the new record is titled Time To Die and will be available on August 12.

Unless you've happened to catch the band on tour with Cross Me and Purgatory, among others, their incendiary gospel of raw metallic hardcore has probably escaped your attention. If you appreciate bands like Merauder, Xibalba, and All Out War, you should find something to enjoy amid the thunderous riffage and harsh vocals No Victory spews forth, so read on.

Today we're pleased to premiere a new track from the aforementioned album. Stream "Illusions Of Temptation" below, and if you're into it, pre-order Time To Die here and check out No Victory on Facebook.

anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 10:01:17 AM
People who call themselves Mosh Papi who have fetal alcohol syndrome are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 10:36:57 AM
Best band to come out of the Midwest in awhile
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:11:53 AM
Lars Ulrich snare samples are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:13:08 AM
This shit is awesome
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:19:44 AM
Kids who discovered 40s last week are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:27:10 AM
Matt Anderson is stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:29:00 AM
Indiana hardcore lives through no victory Silverhammer life after death penitentiary blackwater STFU
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:36:34 AM
neck beards and kids that dont brush their teeth are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:53:03 AM
Midwests hardest forever
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:56:03 AM
This band covered shattered realm and can't even lift 300 pounds combined. Next.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:02:44 PM
Vocalist looks like something you'd catch in Pokemon Go
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:04:04 PM
i heard the singer likes to give himself head in front of his friends
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:18:52 PM
Kids who liked Job For A Cowboy up until 2016 are stoked.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:20:47 PM
Kids who grew up in gated communities and just heard Shattered Realm 5 months ago are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:21:59 PM
Kids who live at home and work at Pizza Hut are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:23:15 PM
Matt Anderson is so stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:25:38 PM
INDIANA goes hard as f*ck. Y'all got Blood In Blood Out, Penitentiary, Life After Death, and now this shit. LONG LIVE INHC.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:29:15 PM
Hey, just your standard Midwest hardcore kid here. Eating a bowl of mac n cheese in my parents office bidding on some All Out War shirts on eBay. This shit is awesome. Watch out if you're in the FYA pit this year. I'll f*ck you up! Wells anyways, Monster rules you f*cking cowards!
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:33:59 PM
Kids who just found out about grimlock are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:38:07 PM
Sidtroy is stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 12:57:00 PM
Shit talkers come out to a show and get f*cked up. Oh wait, you WONT. INHC on top
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 1:03:23 PM
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 1:08:43 PM
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 1:10:46 PM
kids in ghost inside cover bands 2 years ago are stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 1:29:03 PM
this is fr trash. not understanding the hype on this band or any of these other "midwest blood" bands.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 1:33:50 PM
Vocalist is literally the biggest trash piece of shit in the Midwest.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 2:05:28 PM
^yeah, he is a total internet girl
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 2:27:37 PM
Kids who live in the suburbs of rich white Indiana claiming Gary as their town LMAO NEXT
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 3:25:27 PM
Zach Dear arranged for B9 but Cross Me sucks so bad they won't sign anymore of his bands.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 3:37:35 PM
Mike Waters is stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 4:41:27 PM
Kids who listen to this band will actually report a comment for abuse.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 4:50:42 PM
Been to this bands house...actually from Gary. Not soft. Not for the weak
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 4:51:51 PM
Guitar player Patrick knocked a kid out for saying he wasn't from gary
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 5:22:54 PM
CD only release. Good label. Must be loaded.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 5:24:50 PM
Anyone talking shit on this band don't know what they're about. Indiana hardcore forever
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 6:38:37 PM
*immediately signs to Victory Records*
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 6:54:14 PM
Tableface is stoked
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 8:22:00 PM
Zach Dear here. Am I still the only guy who likes this band? Yeah? Ok. Me and the bass player from Cross Me are gonna eat Oreos. Milwaukee rules!!
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 8:23:45 PM
People saying "you won't come to Indiana" LOL no shit.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 8:45:07 PM
Austin, you're a gay.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 8:47:30 PM
The singer of No Victory here. Just got back from f*cking some random girl and pretending to be a thug to read these comments. This is all really rude but really true and I'm getting my friend 21 Savage to come kill you all.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 8:51:08 PM
I got the clap from one of them
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 10:34:25 PM
These comments are about as real and serious as this band.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 10:47:38 PM
Random exec from Unbeaten here. Despite what you've heard the Stigmata record is doing great. Almost got a dozen sold. Don't sleep on these No Victory jewel case CDs! Once we sell 100 in a year, I'll only have 900 left in my studio apartment.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 10:48:56 PM
It's crazy to think about how many people had to approve this snare sound.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:35:56 PM
Singer of no victory here. We had a line of sound designers and professionals specifically choose this direct snare sound. It took months to process the sound and blend it perfectly to sound like the 311 snare. I'm currently plowing a girl right now.
anonymous   posted 7/8/2016 11:38:04 PM
kill cops.
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 5:04:43 AM
Isaac's mom is stoked.
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 7:24:19 AM
Corkscrew was better
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 7:49:13 AM
I enjoyed the music but whoever recorded this is the worst.
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 8:26:13 AM
My girlfriend cheated on me
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 9:57:16 AM
Wanna hear a joke? Women's rights.
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 12:00:30 PM
Chewy is stoked
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 12:06:15 PM
I was gay and this song turned me straight
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 12:32:28 PM
The guy who wrote all these comments is stoked
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 2:54:09 PM
Matt Anderson here: I'm gonna show my support for this by having someone take a pic of me and my girl flipping off the camera. Yeah, that's what's up!
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 7:30:53 PM
COOKIE MONSTER on the vox.
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 7:55:53 PM
The fat guitarist looks like Harry Potter after eating Ron and Hermione.
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 9:15:23 PM
Not a single person in this band is from Gary
anonymous   posted 7/9/2016 9:16:41 PM
St Anger
anonymous   posted 7/10/2016 12:26:10 AM
No victory certified gangsters from the hood. No one has a clue cuz they ain't from here
anonymous   posted 7/10/2016 12:27:28 AM
Realest group of dudes and realest hardcore band from the Midwest alone
anonymous   posted 7/10/2016 12:28:11 AM
Favorite track any band has ever released
anonymous   posted 7/10/2016 12:47:20 AM
Get a life gays
backseatkiller   posted 7/10/2016 10:27:04 AM
broke ass xibalba with st. anger snare.
anonymous   posted 7/10/2016 3:30:35 PM
Time to die is going to be the dopest album hardcore has ever seen
anonymous   posted 7/11/2016 7:41:20 AM
No Victory over Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
anonymous   posted 7/11/2016 7:52:15 AM
Tommy Dice of 25 Ta Life here.Would be better without a drummer.
anonymous   posted 7/11/2016 8:25:58 AM
thought the track was skipping for the first 15 seconds
anonymous   posted 7/11/2016 5:58:08 PM
Beatdown band full of hoe getters
anonymous   posted 7/11/2016 7:20:25 PM
i'm excited
anonymous   posted 7/11/2016 8:47:59 PM
INHC on top....of other guys who listen to hardcore.
anonymous   posted 7/12/2016 7:35:48 AM
Michael Jackson here...i grew up next door to these wiggers...pull your pants up
anonymous   posted 7/14/2016 1:15:53 PM
f*ck bands that sell drugs #dontsupportthestruggle
anonymous   posted 7/15/2016 5:21:45 PM
Singer is team valor
anonymous   posted 7/16/2016 9:05:05 AM
Love it. Inhc's finest real ass hardcore band
anonymous   posted 7/17/2016 1:34:30 AM
Hardest bands come from nothing and this is one of them
anonymous   posted 7/17/2016 1:35:06 AM
Will be personally offended if this band doesn't play TIHC
anonymous   posted 8/4/2016 11:57:03 AM
Al these people sayin f*ckin mwb bands this isn't even a mwb band! This is an Inhc band