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Mayhem "VI.Sec." song premiere

4/8/2014 5:50:00 AM

Black metal pioneers Mayhem unveil a track from their forthcoming album.
Mayhem premiere

Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem celebrate their 30 anniversary this year. To honor the occasion, the band is releasing a new album.

Titled Esoteric Warfare, the outing will hit streets on June 10th via Season of Mist. This is the band's fifth full-length, and first since 2007. Several release formats will be available, including a collector's LP + CD box set limited to 1000 copies, a deluxe Digipak CD, and exclusive colored LPs for seven select countries. Pre-order options can be found on the Season of Mist estore.

Today we're extremely excited to bring you an exclusive stream of a new track from the effort. The song is titled "VI.Sec." and you can hear it below. It's Mayhem, fools, what are you waiting for?

anonymous   posted 296 days ago
I had no clue they got a flock of birds to record vocals this time around!
anonymous   posted 296 days ago
the TRUE mayhem
anonymous   posted 296 days ago
coincidence Dead died this day 23 years ago?
anonymous   posted 296 days ago
kind of boring if you ask me.
anonymous   posted 296 days ago
the bird form hatebeak is in there
anonymous   posted 296 days ago
Those are inhale vocals for sure...and I ain't even mad about it. Go Atilla!!!
anonymous   posted 295 days ago
nothing special, boring, sterile, empty etc...
anonymous   posted 292 days ago
mayhem vs skinny puppy
anonymous   posted 291 days ago
Boring 2 death...It's time for Mayhem to split up
anonymous   posted 289 days ago
I wish maniac was back.