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guy covers Katy Perry song in 20 different music styles, including lots of metal

3/21/2014 10:23:07 AM PT   comments [4]

So an enterprising, and musically talented, individual uploaded a cover of the Katy Perry song "Dark Horse" this past week. Unlike your typical cover, however, he broke up the track into 20 mini-songs, each with its own style. For the metalheads, among the styles represented are parts referred to as "Pantera," "Metallica," "Iron Maiden," and "Slipknot." Even Type O Negative gets some action. Anyway, it's pretty cool, so check it out.

anonymous   posted 215 days ago
well beat my d i c k with a wooden spoon
charles_nelsan_reilly   posted 215 days ago
anonymous   posted 214 days ago
Title is misleading. Guy did not cover these songs. Red Chord let-down. :-(
anonymous   posted 214 days ago
Better songwriting and performance than has probably ever been featured on this site. Sad.