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Deserters have debuted a track from their upcoming EP.

Friday, September 13, 2013 6:04 AM PT

Official press release:

A track from Deserters upcoming EP titled "The Feeling" has been made available online and can be heard below. Taken from the band's upcoming EP 'Try To Feel', the song asks the question "What's heavy to you?" Band frontman Matthew Roell expanded on concept, "We throw the word heavy around to define metal bands, hardcore bands, guitars, vocals and even the choice of cymbals for a particular section of a song. The reality is that heavy is not a sound." Adding; "Heavy is a feeling. Heavy is what weighs you down and it is what we seek a release from, when we listen to music, when we come to shows and concerts." The song also features a guest appearance by Storm Strope of The Last Ten Seconds of Life.