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Zao - Pyrrhic Victory comments

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anonymous   posted 106 days ago
Great EP. better than the album maybe?
anonymous   posted 109 days ago
anonymous   posted 113 days ago
awful production. cheap attempt to sound have that "raw sound" sounds like a practice space jam. riffs are dated at just not that cool anymore. vocals are very hard to endure. no clue why anyone ever jocked this band in the first place. but then again people like bloodlet to. sooooooooo
anonymous   posted 127 days ago
who is the bitter bitch boy that gave this a 1? really? it's one of the best things they have done
anonymous   posted 130 days ago
Just saw them in Dallas, TX and they slayed. WAY harder than they did with Jesse. Also, the drummer you saw in '05 is not the same drummer they have now. Current drummer might be better than jesse
anonymous   posted 133 days ago
New AILD slays this album, bye bye zao
anonymous   posted 134 days ago
The reason , I think, people still rave about the old albums is bc Jesse Smith. His drumming is distinct on practically every record. I saw them on their "last tour" with him on drums and it was one of the heaviest shows I've ever been to. They had no bass player on this tour The band was so aggressive. This was summer 2002. I then saw them with their new drummer circa 2005(?) with ETID, and Misery Signals. Just wasn't the same. The band was over for me then.
anonymous   posted 136 days ago
jonas stuff is alright. but it is totally different. i never put it on when i want to listen to ZAO. it is kind of like chuck mosley era faith no more. yes. it is faith no more. and the original. but it was better after. and honestly. the dan era is why most people even know about zao. does anybody REALLY want to see a maiden tour with paul dianno?
anonymous   posted 136 days ago
the fck, no shawn jonas love? i kinda dug Splinter Shards...
anonymous   posted 137 days ago
11 out of 10 this whole time i thought metalcore sucked it turns out it was just AILD that sucked i had no idea that there could be this much groundbraking shit on one record tim lambesis steered me wrong what an jerk he will probably try to hire someone to kill me now
anonymous   posted 137 days ago
I love Zao but Self-Titled is garbage. Could never understand why people rate that album so highly. it is cool from an experimental standpoint, but to praise that album and write off stuff like the Fear is ridiculous
anonymous   posted 137 days ago
Blood and Fire, Liberate, Self-Titled, Virus, and to a lesser extent Funeral of God, and Pyrrhic Victory. What a career though.
anonymous   posted 137 days ago
irony that the record Tim was involved with is their worst one
anonymous   posted 137 days ago
1/10 awful all around low tier metalcore 12-15 years ago when AILD was putting out historically important and progressive material. shadows are security rip off band
anonymous   posted 139 days ago
for me
Liberate,The Fear and Virus are where it's at. Have to check out the new one.
I like when they get darker/dirtier and a little less "hardcore"

people rave about Blood and Fire and Funeral, and while those have great songs (every zao record has great songs) as a whole, i don't like that angle of what they do as much. too clean and simplistic
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