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Converge - The Dusk In Us comments

anonymous   posted 3 days ago
"Has a positive comment ever been posted on this website?"

You take a wrong turn, mutherf*cker?
anonymous   posted 6 days ago
anonymous   posted 7 days ago
Good shit as usual.
Trigger/Broken by Light/Cannibals gives my boner a boner.
tomdelay   posted 8 days ago
Upon further listen it looks like living a life ornament luxury has gone to their beards. Listening to jake scream about spending multimillions on a boat just don't mean as much to me as him screaming about a girl he shit on him
anonymous   posted 9 days ago
Has a positive comment ever been posted on this website?
anonymous   posted 11 days ago
Lacks the sincerity and venom of previous work. Seems really formulaic. Erratic drums, punk baseline and diddling guitars. Doesn't come together to form one as much as it needed to. Probably their weakest album to date.
g0ner   posted 13 days ago
Same weak ass shit
anonymous   posted 15 days ago
Curly, waxed mustaches and extra small beanies will explode in popularity because of this cool guy fart fest of an album.
chicken_gang_bang   posted 16 days ago
My first impression suggests this album is meh. I'll listen a few more times before deciding though
anonymous   posted 16 days ago
Gay band, shitty album, pleasure puff piece review for converge
tomdelay   posted 17 days ago
Everyone is freaking themselves over this
anonymous   posted 17 days ago
Durr-hurr! Get it? Cuz they're old! Good thing aging only effects Converge and no other human being in existence. Try harder, dad joke.
anonymous   posted 18 days ago
new elements and wrinkles