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Oceano - Revelation comments

anonymous   posted 183 days ago
Take this review down! literally the worst shit ever... over half of the record each song starts and sounds the same with the same bs breakdown... Garbage rehashed music... Adam warren needs to literally just give it up!
anonymous   posted 206 days ago
I only listen to the first 100 Demons record. None of that pssy shit.
anonymous   posted 208 days ago
The reviews on here are horrible unless it's old school death metal which literally every f*cking band IS THE SAME than they're like the fat dude with super long hair is amazing the same riff they wrote for 10years is back again rating 10 best album ever shut the f*ck up
anonymous   posted 287 days ago
They're straight boring. Not sure how they remember how to play the songs, or maybe they don't and that's why nothing sticks out.
anonymous   posted 296 days ago
so "garren" is "scott" now
chicken_gang_bang   posted 296 days ago
celine   posted 296 days ago
No read