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Terror - The Walls Will Fall comments

anonymous   posted 26 days ago
Hate on Terror all you want, but respect is due when it's due.
And Vogel has earned it.

When he moved to (and I lived) in Syracuse, he would be at almost every show possible.
And wouldn't be pulling the 'in popular and better than you' card.
anonymous   posted 137 days ago
get sick
anonymous   posted 141 days ago
Damn, what an awesome album!
anonymous   posted 157 days ago
anonymous   posted 159 days ago
this review could have literally just said "Terror gonna Terror. The end."
anonymous   posted 161 days ago
Butthurt little f*cks here on this board
celine   posted 162 days ago
Thanks for the history lesson on how you totally met vogel once and he had like other bands and stuff and totally belief systems yo. f*ckin retard
celine   posted 163 days ago
Awful, pointless review
anonymous   posted 163 days ago
david wood didn't play bass on this i don't think, credits say chris linkovich of cruel hand did
anonymous   posted 163 days ago
Nobody cares about your shitty tape collection
anonymous   posted 163 days ago
Why review the same bands over and over?<===== that is what "Hardcore" is,the same garbage-different name/packaging.
fourthgradecocktease   posted 164 days ago
I love Terror but even I can admit that this release was pointless.

"Hey we're Terror, still a band, buy a new windbreaker. See you in 2 years"
chicken_gang_bang   posted 164 days ago
Why review the same bands over and over?