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Wear Your Wounds - WYW comments

anonymous   posted 275 days ago
I think you missed the point of the record. Here's my take: http://spectrumculture.com /2017/04/10/wear-wounds-wy w/
brassknuckleromance   posted 280 days ago
I like the record, I think the biggest thing against it was how long it took for it to finally be released. I hope the next one comes out faster, but overall it's a really solid record, v enjoyable. 8/10.
anonymous   posted 286 days ago
i got the album and think its great. Not what i expected. But it didnt let me down. And converge is what i like to call metal-core. You know both. Either way dont like it f*ck off and troll else where
celine   posted 290 days ago
sck a dck, you crybaby asspssy queer
anonymous   posted 295 days ago
A new review? So you review a record once every 6 months or so? Also your comment board is the worst. Constructive critism
celine   posted 301 days ago
anonymous posted 2 days ago
Who the f*ck writes these g*ddamn reviews??

COLIN, bitch.
anonymous   posted 302 days ago
Converge are noise(s) metal they were never HARDCORE<-- then you have NEVER heard their 7 inch with "look back" or "gravel" on the aforewritten piece of wax... skinny jeans wearing fruit...
anonymous   posted 304 days ago
I heard one track and it was horrible.
anonymous   posted 304 days ago
Converge are noises metal they were never HARDCORE
anonymous   posted 304 days ago
Who the f*ck writes these g*ddamn reviews??