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Zao - The Well-Intentioned Virus comments

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anonymous   posted 253 days ago
Brett Detar was the genius that helped forge their new sound. 20 years ago. He left after one album but that album, WBaFBR is their best "new" album.
anonymous   posted 268 days ago
except russ has barely written anything and some of their best material (Funeral, Fear and this) has been without jesse
anonymous   posted 271 days ago
Zao is DAN WEYANDT, RUSS COGDELL, and JESSE SMITH, and it always will be. Dan was the voice, Russ was the sound, and Jesse was the spirit. It was with that lineup that they found their own craft and stood out in the world of music. I'm actually excited to check this record out.
anonymous   posted 275 days ago
Dan's vocals are sick, I always felt Scott Mellingers clean vocals were unnecessary, I think they are buried more in this mix though so he doesn't ruin as many good songs.
anonymous   posted 336 days ago
Great review. Long time fan of the band. I only heard two great tracks earlier in the year. Dan is one of my favorite vocalists.
anonymous   posted 337 days ago
They actually made the same record twice (All Else Failed). But everything else is spot on.
anonymous   posted 339 days ago
You're argument is debunked by emmure. It's just Frankie and the glass cloud extravaganza.
anonymous   posted 341 days ago
Best record since self-titled.
anonymous   posted 342 days ago
iron maiden had original members when Dickinson left. we saw how that went. getting tied up with "original line up" stuff is nothing but some sort of nostalgia, and I am willing to bet most of the people that bitch the most about it even saw the original line up or heard the band until Blood and Fire or Liberate
anonymous   posted 343 days ago
yeah nobody TOOK the name.
anonymous   posted 343 days ago
Well, Jesse (the "original" member) should have changed the name when everyone quit around him and he brought in dan and russ (who are still there now) and scott followed shortly after. In the grand scheme of things, this version of Zao has retained everyone but the drummer/bassist, which is fairly standard, from that point on.
anonymous   posted 343 days ago
it is crazy to think you can take the name of a band no one has been in since day one. its basically a zao cover band, assuming they even play songs none of them had a stake in. they are all mark wahlberg.
anonymous   posted 343 days ago
every Zao album has been good, including pre-Dan
simon_belmonT   posted 343 days ago
lol. that IS true.
anonymous   posted 343 days ago
Um.. they actually did make the same album twice. With a different singer, but still. Remember All Else Failed?
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