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Expire - With Regret comments

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anonymous   posted 77 days ago
celene I actually thought it sounded very much like incendiary rather sub scum
celine   posted 92 days ago
space emperor gay
celine   posted 92 days ago
then i am emperor gay
anonymous   posted 92 days ago
Even he couldn't handle your level of gay, and he was king gay. You're otherworldly gay.
celine   posted 93 days ago
Im the reason gfos left, dipshit asspssy
anonymous   posted 94 days ago
The guy with a girl's name being sore over every review is so funny. I hope it continues for a couple more years and then stops out of nowhere like Godfatherofsoul.
anonymous   posted 100 days ago
Good riddance. If only the rest of the hardcore scene would follow.
anonymous   posted 102 days ago
All the band members can now have a full time job at Jimmy Johns.
celine   posted 103 days ago
P.S. this entire album, especially the into, is a TOTAL rip off of suburban scums ultimate annihilation.
celine   posted 104 days ago
it was a sweet ass fanfic art from the classic Sly Stalone flick "Over The Top"
thetowerofrome   posted 104 days ago
Aw l0nk won't work
timelordtwo   posted 104 days ago
I liked "Everybody is going to heaven" way more
celine   posted 104 days ago

https://fanart.tv/fanart/m ovies/1825/hdmovieclearart /over-the-top-52a66effa7b9 a.png
thetowerofrome   posted 104 days ago
Dig this record.

Besides that I back Celine minus the over the top anger.
anonymous   posted 105 days ago
celine just cant get over getting fired for being a shitty writer...so sad
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