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Turnstile - Move Thru Me comments

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anonymous   posted 17 days ago
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anonymous   posted 230 days ago
anonymous   posted 235 days ago
ALL YOU GUYS THAT DONT LIKE TURNSTILE MUST BE FANS OF GAYCORE ,big limp wrist fans and homo superior .ya pleasures
anonymous   posted 240 days ago
Squirt shit between your teeth like the playdough fun factory
anonymous   posted 288 days ago
You guys are a bunch of gays,turnstile is f*cking awesome ,you don't know shit about HARDCORE!!!!
celine   posted 298 days ago
another terrible review
anonymous   posted 301 days ago
They f*ckin suck. Just another trendy bad. They will break up after this and all go to make more trendy bands. Copy off the past to try and be cool. Underground is dead
anonymous   posted 302 days ago
gazing at Faith No More and Alice In Chains through the lense of a hardcore bro isn't forward thinking or, ugh..."progressive."
anonymous   posted 302 days ago
calling Nonstop Feeling "forward thinking" is like calling the Blair Witch reboot forward thinking.
anonymous   posted 302 days ago
"forward-thinking"... by literally copying things from the past.
marching_band_rules   posted 303 days ago
gay as f*ck. SIDE A/SIDE B? go f*ck yourselves
anonymous   posted 304 days ago
>This guy is in his 40s trust me

Knowing the history of music is important. He could have also gone with Biohazard, Bodycount or even Rage Against the Machine. The point he was trying to make still stands. Sorry that we're not all 15 year olds, who only know the current trends without knowing where they started. SMH.
anonymous   posted 304 days ago
" It's more like what Limp Bizkit did a while back. Having that hip hop mentality with heavy music seems to work. "
This guy is in his 40s trust me
anonymous   posted 304 days ago
Orange Code. Ahahahahahahahahahaha
chicken_gang_bang   posted 306 days ago
This band sucks and all the lyrics are sang by a female
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