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Hellmouth Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing.

Hellmouth - Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing.
01. Pick a Coffin
02. Overtime in a Shark Cage
03. Pawnshop St. Christopher
04. Heathen Son in the Eyes of Blood
05. Oblivion & Utopia
06. Blackest of Voids
07. Dust
08. Crooked Teeth
09. Drop Out & Destroy
10. Praying for Plague
11. God's Forgotten Children
12. More Fire
13. Blood of Pigs
14. The Masters Have Poisoned the Slaves
2009 Ferret Music

Reviewed by: Dan Strobel   //   Published: 4/23/2009

Hellmouth trains in Krav Maga. Hellmouth worships no gods and serves no masters. "Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven." - John Milton. Nothing will be alright, you are fucked.

These statements are emblazoned across the back page of the lyric booklet and CD inlay of Hellmouth's Ferret debut, Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing. They make two things pretty clear: that Hellmouth is a group of total tools and that they know this and are ok with it.

Self-proclaimed as ".a soundtrack for pain, misery and the end of existence.," Hellmouth is fronted by the charismatic and outspoken ex-Suicide Machines frontman Jay Navarro. Ex-Fordirelifesake drummer Justin Malek also lends his skills to the four-piece, with Alex Awn on guitars and Jeff Uberti on bass. While ska never has and never will be my cup of tea, The Suicide Machines were tolerable enough and it's somewhat cool to see Navarro still active in the scene. But as time and history have shown, follow-up projects are rarely as good as the originals and unfortunately the same fate has befallen Hellmouth.

A whole host of genres can be found on this album, including punk, hardcore, black and progressive metal and even a little bit of southern and classic rock. It's an ambitious mix and one that could've been successful with more of an emphasis on the actual music than the attitude. And some of the tunes aren't bad. Every Time I Die-esque riffs pop up intermittently throughout the album, perhaps most successfully on "Dust." "Crooked Teeth" channels Black Flag and dirty punk rhythms and "Blood of Pigs" uses gang vocals to its advantage.

But then a ditty like "Drop Out & Destroy" comes along with Navarro basically ranting for 90 seconds, "Fuck your money, fuck everybody, fuck your religion, fuck evolution [really, dude]..." where one could appreciate just the slightest hint of subtlety.

It's just a shtick we've seen and heard before, and one that's being played at bars and venues across the world by bigger and better bands. Navarro and company are trying too hard and by the time the closing track rolls around in which Navarro clumsily ponders, "Are we mankind, or are we really just unkind man," eyes will have rolled and interest will have rightfully waned.

Bottom Line: A new direction for a group of veterans of the underground music scene, Hellmouth not only suffers from a lackluster name but a lack of direction. Not entirely dismissed but not worth your time.

anonymous   posted 5/9/2009 10:18:17 AM
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anonymous   posted 5/6/2009 8:58:04 PM
this record is aggressive as f*ck
mcdojo_   posted 4/30/2009 2:02:50 PM
hey zampano, what do you train in? dck suk fu? i'd f*ck yer ass up in a heartbeat. go try lil kid karate & hi kick a dck yo f*ckin pssy ass panty sniffin sucker.
he is right_   posted 4/30/2009 12:56:37 PM
This review hits the nail right on the head.
These guys need to drop the shtick.
The guitarist has a beatles haircut.
Zampano_   posted 4/30/2009 11:35:08 AM
It's funny because unless you're a 30 year old woman or in the IDF it's a f*cking joke, you McDojo training gay.

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